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Video Recap: Mi Sexy Chambelán

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It’s quite possible that no summer will ever top the summer of 2002. Why, you ask?

1. Got my braces off
2. Got a boyfriend with a learner’s permit HAYOOO
3. Quinceañeras.

It’s difficult to overstate the importance of item #3 to 2002 Andrea. The Latin American tradition of celebrating a girl’s transition to womanhood on her 15th birthday was single-handedly responsible for what is probably the busiest social calendar I will ever have. Back then when the weekend rolled around I had AT MINIMUM five Quinceañera parties to attend. I probably went to every Quinceañera in the Washington Metropolitan area. This meant: a reason to dress up, a reason to slow dance with boys, and a reason to feast on bomb meals, all for a grand total of zero dollars. So basically,2002 was one big win.

Which brings me to my girl Colibritany, aka “la flor más bella del Cocoyoc,” (a city in the Mexican state of Morelos). I thought I had seen some pretty fancy Quinceañeras in my day – not to mention the quinces featured on MTV Tr3s show Quiero Mis Quinces, which are at a wedding level of extravagance. But Colibritany just shat on all of those quinces with this: