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Labor Day 2012 Guide: The Best Events In Your City This Weekend

Ah Labor Day, swan song of summer. At some point – we’re not sure when – Labor Day weekend shifted from a leisurely celebration of the contributions of workers to a perfect storm of parties, music festivals, BBQs, outdoor dining, outdoor movies, beach days, art fairs, street fairs, and general “IT’S MY LAST CHANCE TO DO [X] THING THIS SUMMER AHHHH” sentiments. We understand it can be overwhelming to decide where to show up in your all-white outfit on Labor Day weekend, which is why we’ve made it real simple for you. If you only do one thing in your city this weekend – be it New York, Chicago, Miami, LA, and San Francisco – make it one of these things. Say goodbye to summer properly and ring in the fall with a real desmadre.


New York

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Los Angeles

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San Francisco

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