Nacotheque’s Amylulita New Mix: Chula Pop Crush

BY Jessica Cullen | PUBLISHED: Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010
Nacotheque’s Amylulita New Mix: Chula Pop Crush

Nacotheque party co-founder and promoter, DJ Amylulita just finished her latest DJ mix called Chula Pop Crush. The mix is dedicated (in her own words) “to club pop and dance electro-ish music.” So when your getting ready to go out and party all night, this mix will charge all your batteries and get you pumped up. This free mixtape includes artists like Belanova, Anita Tijoux, and….Patricia Manterola from Garibaldi fame (random!)


Track list:

1. “Ya no soy moderna” (80’s Remix) – Silvina Magari
2. “Rosa Pastel” – Belanova
3. Pretenciosa – Denise Murz
4. “Acos Quieres Venir” (Pedro Pierdra Remix) – Los Updates
5. “Datos Imtimos” (Disco Ruido Club Mix) – She’s a Tease
6. “Hola” – Miranda
7. “Sos Tan Facil” (radio edit) – Karaoke Artesanal
8. “Ojos Negros” (dance remix) – Patricia Manterola
9. “Más es Más” – Fangoria
10. “Tu Muñeca” – aNISh
11. “Amor Electrico” – La Prohibida
12. “Lejos” – PALI
13. “Soy Rebelde”- Shimai
14. “En tu cruz me clavaste” – Chenoa
15. “Despabilate” – Anita Tijoux
16. “Controlar” – Ceci Bastida x XXXChange
17. “Siempre Joven” – Lorena C
18. “Duri Duri”- Maria Daniela y su Sonido Lasser
19. “Palpito Palpito” – Gaby Bex
20. “Boomchi” – Koko Dozo
21. “Paris Latino” – Star Academy II
22. “Hambre Party House” (Remix) – Javiera Mena