UPDATE: Andrea gave birth to Jacinto last week! revised text:

The new Aterciopelados album, Rio (Nacional Records) drops this Tuesday and we couldn’t be happier.

We’ve been listening to Rio non-stop and we’re really digging its rootsy, psychedelic-like sound. We aren’t afraid to admit we were not fans of one the biggest Latin alternative albums, the Latin Grammy-winning Oye, and although Andrea’s solo album grew on us, it wasn’t as exciting as this new material. Los Aterciopelados mixed the album in New York Fuckin City with Hector Castillo (Brazilian Girls, Gustavo Cerati) and they even have beautiful CD packaging and cover — bye bye ear lobe necklaces from their last album. What a difference graphic design makes!

Latin alternative goddess Andrea Echeverri is now sporting bangs on her hair and until recently, a big beautiful belly which is about to burst. Her second child, to be named Jacinto, was born last week. As for concerts, Andrea told Billboard En Español that the band will wait until next March to start touring so she can take litlle Jacinto and big sister Milagros on the road with them.

Here are a few videos that the Nacional folks posted on MySpace with Andrew and Hector talking about their album.